Listen up! Why digital audio is set to experience a creative revolution

Ever noticed that everyone around you is always listening to something? And I’m not just talking about commuters with their headphones in. People are always listening. Whether that’s to another person, the radio or inconspicuous background noise, sound is one sense that we simply can’t switch off.

The hearing organs start forming when a foetus is just three weeks old. At around 25 weeks, a foetus uses sound to create new memory circuits with meaningful associations. At 36 weeks a foetus can tell the difference between different moods based on what it hears. From the womb until the moment we die we are inescapably surrounded by sound.

Strange then that with digital, the audio strategy falls to the back of advertisers’ priorities, especially when you think that nearly 22 million people spend around 11 hours every week listening to connected audio. Sound clearly plays a central role in our lives. And it should, so why not in marketing too?

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Listen yourself (Headphones required)

Crimestoppers audio: Global worked with Crimestoppers to create an exhilarating 3D audio ad which placed the listener at the centre of a crime scene. The ad was produced to showcase the speed at which a crime scene can escalate and how contacting Crimestoppers can help avoid gun violence.

Source:; 10 Apr 2017

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