The millennials are coming

In 2016, millennials purchased 4.1 million vehicles in the United States, accounting for 29 percent of the market. They now drive changes in automotive marketing and product features and are likely to influence future automotive developments more than any generation before them.

Autotrader found that millennial vehicle buyers do 61 percent of their research and shopping online and just 12 percent visiting dealerships. “Millennials feel the Internet is four times more helpful during the shopping process than TV or newspapers.”

And millennials like communicating through images more than older groups, Autotrader said.

Jaguar and Land Rover tried to capitalize on the millennial taste for photos and videos during last year’s multicity Art of Performance Tour and allowed participants to test drive cars. Using in-car video technology and special effects, videos were created for participants to post on social media.

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Source:; 27 Feb 2017

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