Creating content for Millennials: The VICE Playbook


This article provides advice from VICE Media, the digital and media publisher, on how brands can create content that engages millennials across digital, social media and television.

  • VICE’s millennial readers read the most content between 2pm and 6pm when they are supposed to be working, and spend more than 11 hours every day consuming content across multiple devices.
  • Authenticity and transparency are defining virtues of the millennial set when it comes to content – brands should have a genuine point of view that they can “own” for a long period of time.
  • The internet and social media has prompted an evolution in how young people define themselves, from “simple paradigms” to complex personas with a lot of different facets, and they expect the same multi-dimensionality from brands.
  • Marketers don’t necessarily think about whether consumers want to hear from brands on a particular topic at a particular moment, they focus on the ‘brand need’, insert their brand into conversations, and lose focus of ‘audience necessity’.

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Source: Event Reports, Mumbrella360, June 2016

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