Mobil 1 unveils ‘Car-Fu’ in APAC content push

Oil brand Mobil 1 has launched a regional digital campaign where cars engage in a bout of kung-fu in a contest known as ‘Car-Fu’ inspired by the late Bruce Lee.

The campaign, which comprises video, a website and a social push, is designed to associate Mobil 1 with the fluidity and movement Kung-fu is known for.

In a short film, cars act out a classic Kung-fu film fight sequence between a hero, a villain and his posse.

The digital campaign features interviews with stunt drivers who talk about the product benefits of Mobil 1, and video content featuring McLaren – Honda’s Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso.

Sirapong Phentrakul, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific PVL brand advisor, said the campaign deployed “fun, shareable branded content that not only sparks excitement among our target audience, but also helps to elevate awareness and consideration of our brand.”

Seshadri Sampath, regional business head at BBDO Singapore, the agency behind the work, added: “We borrowed from the popular culture of Bruce Lee that we can all identify with – if you pour water into the cup, it becomes the cup. And if you pour Mobil 1 into the engine, it becomes the engine. We’re pleased that the execution was done in an entertaining and engaging way to relate to the ordinary driver”.

Source:; 05 Oct 2015

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