Facebook Introduces Two New Ways to Buy And Deliver Video Ad Campaigns

Facebook announced that it’s launching two new ways to buy and deliver video ads: In-Stream Reserve and ThruPlay.

With In-Stream ads gaining importance and proving very effective (especially for brand advertisers) Facebook wants to give advertisers more control over the placement of their video ads and how they pay for their ads. Apart from options as to select where their ads appear, advertisers have also shown interest in features like mixed impression cost (CPM), or the ability to buy ads on a Nielsen verified Target Rating Point (TRP) basis.

Facebook is now giving advertisers what they want, with two new features: In-Stream Reserve and ThruPlay.

In-Stream Reserve lets advertisers reach people watching certain publishers and creators. Facebook explains that the placements “are bought in advance and delivered to in-target audiences verified by Nielsen.” On top of that, In-Stream Reserve Categories gives advertisers the opportunity to “choose content packages in specific categories, including sports, fashion/beauty and entertainment, bought in the same way as In-stream Reserve.”

As an option, In-Stream Reserve is great for premium online video and TV buyers and is especially good for campaigns aimed at younger, harder-to-reach demographics, and light TV viewers. However, the option is only currently available for a selected few advertisers who target US audiences.

On the other hand, ThruPlay helps advertisers optimize for completed video views, allowing them to pay only for ads that are watched to completion, or for at least 15 seconds. ThruPlay will now be available in Ads Manager for all video placements on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network – as well as both auction and reach and frequency buying. It will be available to all advertisers globally in the next few weeks.

Source: wersm.com; 1 Oct 2018

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