Astro Awani and The Star emerge as most trusted source of news in Malaysia

An annual study of news consumption trends across the world has found that Astro Awani and The Star are the two most trusted Malaysian sources of news.

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The Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018, the seventh edition of an annual series, found that when it comes to trust, Astro Awani and The Star scored 6.05 and 6.03 respectively, with independent news portal Malaysiakini nipping at their heels with a score of 6.02.

“In today’s digital and social media era, news come from a variety of sources, and Star Media Group takes pride in that our team takes the time to verify all sorts of news before we upload or publish it.

“We are aware that people look to us to verify information, and we take this responsibility seriously,” said Star Media Group chief content officer Esther Ng.

However, Malaysian news organisations still lost out to international news aggregator Yahoo! News, which had the highest trust score.

“There appears to be greater trust in what is perceived as international media as opposed to local, with Yahoo! News being the most trusted brand,” said Prof Zaharom Nain of Centre for the Study of Commu­ni­cations and Culture, University of Nottingham Malaysia campus.

“This has much to do with the structures and patterns of media ownership and control. There are some brands that buck this trend. Malaysiakini (44% reach) has maintained its reputation for providing independent news and continues to retain the trust of many Malaysians, especially those tired of propaganda. ” he wrote in the report, published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

To establish the trust scores, res­pondents were asked to indicate their trust in selected news brands on a scale of 0 (completely untrustworthy) to 10 (completely trustworthy). According to the report, less than a third of the Malaysian sample agree that they trust the news (30%) most of the time. This relates to perceptions that independence is often compromised by powerful business or political interests.

Source:; 29 June 2018

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